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Frank's drunk and can't fly straight. Frank needs to get home...

Created over 48 hours, Go Home Frank, You're Drunk is our entry for Global Game Jam 2017. Jamming at the Singapore site was great fun with the lively atmosphere and free pizza, and it was awesome to see all the other entries that came out of Singapore. We are honoured to have been awarded Best Game Design at our jam site and are glad that so many people enjoyed it.

We've decided to put the game up on our site for free for anyone to play. Almost no changes were made to the code after the jam, and we've left it up here in all its buggy glory after just 48 hours of work. We hope you enjoy playing Go Home Frank, You're Drunk just as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Global Game Jam page:


Thanks to Ooh Jing for helping out with boss design and development.
Music: Incompetech

Play the Game

Controls: Use the space bar to control Frank. That's it.

Playing in browser is recommended. If there are issues with the web build please download the game files to your desktop (Windows only).